May 27th, 2011

Peter G

Yeah, Completely Innocent, I'm Sure

Years ago, Disney was planning to create a theme park called Disney's Americana on the site of a Civil War battleground.  When people bitched about Disney and it's plastic history, a Disney spokesman said, "The Constitution gives us the right to be plastic."  However, the uproar was enough that Disney eventually caved and Americana is now the answer to a trivia question.

By now, most people know that the daring raid that killed Osama bin Laden was carried out by SEAL Team Six.

Disney filed with the Patent And Trademark Office for the exclusive right to use SEAL Team 6 on merchandise, movies, video games, etc.

Audacious?  Maybe.  But then again, CBS/Viacom have filed to the exclusive right to use NCIS and JAG on merchandise, even though they are based on actual government agencies (read that: public domain).  Also keep in mind that a French knickknack company had to change the name of their sculpture to "The Bell Ringer Of Notre Dame" after Disney complained of copyright infringement.  Once again, public domain.

Enough people complained that Disney has withdrawn the filing, claiming it was a misunderstanding.