May 30th, 2011

Woody Can't Take It

Welcome To Dante's. What Level, Please?

I'm really starting to get tired of this.

I've complained before about the explosion of slashfic.  It was one thing when it was just something that was out there that people did, but now, it's friggin' everywhere, to the point where it vastly outnumbers the amount of regular fanfic.  There is slash for things you just don't expect, like for MST3K and MythBusters.  It's almost like the only reason for the slash subculture is to find something to do porn about, and the more "Huh?" you get, the better.

People who think you can't compete with free content on the Internet are finding themselves proven wrong.  Last year, a company decided to do a porn version of the Batman TV show.  Another company decided to do their own.  Despite the sheer amount of Rule 34 and slash out there, these things sold well, because it seems like every month, one or two new "porn parodies" go into production.  I put "porn parody" in quotes because it isn't a parody, these aren't comedy movies that goof on superheroes, it's just there as a legal shield, so calling it a parody is a misnomer.  Anyway, clearly there is money to be made from this.

(Side note:  no, I won't watch the Supergirl "porn parody".  I wouldn't watch it if you stuck a gun to my head.  I like my Supergirl as a true hero.  I already complain about the eye candy Supergirl on Smallville and how the comics can't get her character right.  I honestly think seeing the "porn parody" might make my brain explode.)

Well, here's the newest one.  And this one actually disturbs me deeply --

I used to be a big Ghostbusters fan years ago.  So this is the first "porn parody" that actually intersects with a fandom I was part of.  (I suspect the ONLY reason I'm being spared a Harry Potter "porn parody" is that the characters are underage and no company doing these things wants to get raided by the feds.)

Sex is natural.  Sex is beautiful.  But this?  This just screams "desperate adolescence."  Admittedly, most porn is just there to turn a buck.  Movies pack everything they can think of in the hopes that you will fork over your money.  The motivation is the same, it's just the results that are different.  But I can't help but think this is going waaaaaay over the line.

But these things are selling.  There's clearly demand for them.

And I shudder as I worry about what might be coming next.
Reflective Mermaid

Geekier Than Advertised

I didn't feel like dealing with cooking and cleaning up, so I go out to the lunch counter for dinner.  While talking with one of the girls who works the counter, the subject of video games (always dear to my heart) comes up, and we start talking about Mortal Kombat and other games where the primary appeal was facing off against another person.  Few games capture the spirit of one-on-one competition like fighters.

As we talked about our win/loss ratios, I mentioned a game she hadn't heard of -- Windjammers.  My record in games varied depending on what it was.  MK, I won about 60% of the time.  Street Fighter II, I would say was more like 30%.  But Windjammers, I was Hell on wheels.  Somehow, I just grooved to the game, the controls, I knew exactly what to do.  I know I lost a few, but they weren't many.  I would venture to say that I could count my losses on both hands, and quite possibly on only one.

Like I said, she had never heard of Windjammers, so I tried describing the game.  Then I realized I didn't have to -- Kylie, my IBM S10 netbook I always carry with me, has a movie file of the game in action on her.  So I fired up Kylie and started it so she could see what the game was like.  She said it looked interesting.

I got my food and sat down to read as I ate, and a thought struck me.  I just happened to have on my laptop footage of a video game I used to play and just showed it off on the spur of the moment.

...I try to hang with the homies, but I'm just too white and nerdy....