July 6th, 2011

Peter G

Irony Of The Day

The Anti-Mine Network, a Ugandan mine awareness team went to a school to teach the kids how to recognize bombs.

This isn't the WTF part.  Unexploded bombs and mines are a very real problem, resulting in deaths and deformities by the thousands.

Here's the WTF part....

The teachers called the kids back to class with a bell that was actually an unexploded bomb.  The teachers rang it by hitting it with a stone.  The head was confirmed active -- had the strikes been any harder, it would have detonated.

Hopefully, everyone knows better now.

Ron Weasley Isn't The Only One Who Needs A Little Snogging To Loosen Him Up

Salisbury, North Carolina, recently had a gay pride event.  Of course, it was picketed by religious types, including James Edward Belcher, a preacher from Taylorsville.  He was doing the usual fire and brimstone bullshit when Joan Parker, a 74 year old gay rights supporter, bounced up to him and kissed him on the cheek.  Belcher states the only reason she didn't kiss him on the lips was he turned his head and that the kiss "was just one of many attempts to silence the preaching to those in need of salvation who practice a death style that they call a lifestyle."

Guess who's pressing charges.

Parker is being charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor with a maximum sentence of thirty days community service for a first offense.  "She might disagree with this, but it wasn't done as a show of affection," Belcher said. "It was an unwanted touching."  With that attitude, I'll bet it's the only time a woman's ever touched him.  He maintains he's only being fair, since police would have charged him if he had grabbed a 74 year old woman without provocation.  Fucking objectivists.

Belcher's a fine one to talk.  He didn't have a permit to protest.  Police don't usually bother with one as long as protesters stay within the rules so that they don't have to write up citations all day.  So, to review, Parker had every reason to be there and was exercising Freedom Of Expression on someone who shouldn't have been there.  You know, if you know a bunch of people who are your philosophical opposites are gathering together somewhere and you decide to crash the party, THEY aren't the assholes.

Parker is due in court September 12 for her hearing.  May justice prevail.
Moe Cowbell

Fun Time -- Of Meme I Sing

I've never tried creating a meme before, so go easy on me.  ;-)

Rules for meme, very simple:

1)  Leave a comment telling me one to three songs that you think are perfect opening theme songs for my blog.

2)  I'll respond to you with one to three songs that I think are perfect opening theme songs for your blog.

And, since I'm starting this, I'll hit myself:

1)  Hallelujah Man by Love And Money

2)  Buffalo Stance by Neneh Cherry

3)  Wormsong, the theme from Worms ("We are worms, we're the best, and we've come to win the war We'll stand, we'll never run, stay until it's done Though our friends may fall, and our world be blown apart We'll strike with all our might, We'll fight for what is right till the end.")