September 11th, 2011

Peter G

September 11, 2001

Today is the tenth anniversary of 9/11.

What follows under the cut is my original thoughts from my personal web page at the time.  I'm sure you've noticed that I don't just write about news and such, I use the web as a suppliment to my own questionable memory.  Aside from a couple of snips here and there of personal data and length (obviously), this is what I was and what I thought at the time.  I have changed nothing else.  My opinions on somethings have changed, but I cannot in good conscience let my ego change what is basically a historical document of my mind.  The past makes us what we are.  To deny our own history, collective or personal, is to eliminate things that make us what we are and invites us to become hypocrites, heartless, or worse.  So don't be surprised if you see some things in here you don't agree with.  There's things in here I don't agree with anymore, and I wrote them.  It's part of how we change overtime.  This is part one, written in October.

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Thank you for reading.
Peter G

September 11, 2001 Part 2

Fucking LJ and their "You're post is too long, but we aren't going to tell you how much you need to snip!" bullshit!

Okay, here's the second post, from December, 2001.

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No, This Isn't Wrong, Just Unusual. Check Out FurAffinity If You Want To See REALLY Wrong.

Everyone has tried or played tabletop RPG's at one time or another.  Dungeons And Dragons, of course, is the granddaddy of them all.  I tried the Pokemon Jr. one (I was better off as a GM than a player in that one).

There's an RPG called Savage Worlds that is what AD&D used to be before they changed the D20 license.

And someone has done something...interesting with it.

If you like RPG's and want to try something different, this fellow has created a sourcebook for The Savage Worlds Of My Little Pony -- Friendship Is Magic.  It's 66 pages and apparently works just fine within the Savage Worlds game framework.  Available as a free .pdf.
Worms Ready For Battle

Reminder: My Next Public Appearance Is Less Than A Week From Today At CECE In Carol Stream!

Hey, fun seekers!  Just a reminder about my next convention appearance (and likely my last for this year) at the Chicago Entertainment Collectors Expo.  It's at the Holiday Inn at 150 S. Gary Street in Carol Stream, IL.  Two days, Friday night and Saturday all day.  Show kicks off at 800PM to 1100PM on Friday (early birds get in a half hour early), and then on Saturday morning from 900AM to 330PM (once again, early birds get in a half hour early).

As usual, I'm going to have a bunch of stuff there.  Sound Waves comics, complete runs will be available.  I'll also have copies of Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate (plus a preview of the next book coming later this month).  I'm not sure if I have any more of the Stress Puppy GN's or the Head Above Water mini.  I'll bring with my stockpile of Cloudburst and Lightning Strike games as well.  Want a preview of Red Riding Hood?  I'll have the pages for the first two issues there, as well as any work to date on Doctor Whooves.

What if you don't want to see me?  What else is there to do?  Lots!  Among the artists there will be my old pal fantasy artist Connie Persampieri, Dave Dorman, Tom Jozwiak, Mark McHaley, Tom Kelly, Ted Dastrick Jr., Kristin Allen, Jake Reuth, Cynthia Narcisi (Friday only), Jimmy Hasse, Jeff Clark, Laura Ingliss (not to be confused with Lord Inglip), Scott Zambelli, and Tony Smith.  You can also meet Melanie Bolen, a professional model, fitness instructor, card enthusiast, and cosplayer (she makes an awesome Psylocke).  Pro wrestlers Scott L. Schwartz and Kevin "The Butcher" Hughes will also be there.  And the crew from Count Gregula's Crypt will also be roaming around.  No Erin Moran, though.

There's plenty of things to help raise money for the Treasure Chest Foundation.  Lots of people like zombies.  And make up artist Tara Schile will be there to transform you into a zombie for $25.  Cynthia Narcisi will also be conducting seminars for chair yoga, simple exercises to help make convention going easier, whatever side of the table you are on.  For $5, you can also have your picture taken in a full-size replica of the time machine from the classic movie.  (Last year, they had a full size replica of Tom Servo.  I should have gotten my picture taken with him.)

So come on by.  It raises money for a good cause and is lots of fun.  Hope to see some of you there!