December 23rd, 2011

Sound Waves DUH

And THIS, Kids, Is Why We Don't Do The Brown Acid

 I didn't feel like cooking tonight, so I go to the usual lunch counter for some fast eats.

I walk in the door, and everyone there greets me, "Merry Christmas, Peter!"

I wave back and say, "Feliz Navidad."  But I pronounce it phonetically, so it comes out, "FEH-liz NAYvee dad."

The suddenly confused manager asks me what I just said.

One of the girls helpfully explains, "Feliz Navidad," pronounced correctly.

I said, "Pronounced the way it's spelled."

The manager says, "Good thing you aren't an English teacher."

My brain locks up, and it falls to the other three counter girls to say, in perfect unison, "It's Spanish."

Oy to the world....