January 7th, 2012

Sound Waves

And A Tip Of The Fedora To Charles Schultz

So tonight, I'm working on the art for Sound Waves #10.  In it, Melody decides she's going to help shy guy Sherman really wow Rhapsody and win her heart.

Longtime readers know that, on the inside cover where I put the story title, credits, copyright info, and so on, I usually put an image in the background just to break up the white space.  Typically, I go for either a music reference (Rhapsody posing like Alice Cooper for the cover of his Welcome To My Nightmare album) or some activity between the girls (Melody posing like the Little Mermaid statue as Rhapsody readies a hammer and chisel).  The images are just cutesy, random things that have nothing to do with the story.

Not this time.  I couldn't resist.

Here's the credit page art for Sound Waves #10 --