January 29th, 2012

Worms Ready For Battle

I'm Movin' On Up! (Moooovin' On Up!) To The East Side! (Mooooooovin' On Up!)

 I just love starting the day actually happy to be alive!

Bleeding Cool is looking for people to help cover conventions like C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago.

Guess who's on the short list to write up their con experiences for the site?

PLEASE NOTE:  IT IS SO NOT HOAGIE TIME YET!  They only want me to write something up.  I have no guarantee it will appear on the site.  It is an opportunity, not a sure thing yet.  Which makes it my job to make it a sure thing.  If the report actually goes on the BC site (complete with a short bio to increase awareness of me, maaaaaaaaaaaaybe hopefully links to my works like the Hannah Singer books and Sound Waves comics and Red Riding Hood), THEN it's hoagie time.

I'll be working very very hard for that hoagie....