February 26th, 2012

Rat Celebrates

Garbo...I Mean, Derpy Speaks!

4shatteredstars asked me to mention when I saw this.

I did.

This morning, I'm having breakfast and watching a little FiM, and I start the episode The Last Roundup.  After the opening credits, there's a roughly one minute set piece involving Derpy.

Derpy talks.  And she's called "Derpy" by Rainbow Dash.  And the scene is funnier than hell.  People at other tables were looking at me.

Derpy is voiced by Tabitha St. Germaine.  She also provides the voice of Rarity.

However, I'm about to endorse Internet piracy here.  The original cut of the episode (the one I have) has Rainbow Dash calling her Derpy.  However, if you go on iTunes, the original version of the episode is pulled.  Instead, there is a "remastered" version where Dash not only doesn't call her by name, but Derpy's voice is changed.  The episode will be appearing on a DVD, but as I haven't found the DVD and acquired it yet, I can't tell you which version is on the disc.

So what I'm saying is, Fuck the Orwellian revision.  She's Derpy.  Get the version that proves it.
Epic Fail

Write What You Know -- In This Case, You Know Shit

I am about to either completely ruin clionona's day or restore her faith in her creative writing skills.

You see, clionona is trying to get back into writing fanfics.  And I casually mentioned to her the Challenger Deep of bad fanfic, My Immortal, a weird mash-up of the Harry Potter universe.  I have never read anything so bad in my life.

So I'm talking with the coders and mention My Immortal in some sort of snarky context, as usual.  And a challenger appears.  He says he knows of a worse fanfic, one that makes My Immortal look like Neil Gaiman.  Mary Sues.  Poor spelling.  Based on Twilight (the vampire series I hate so much, not the pony).  Sounds great!  I am so there!

And so, I have read Twila, Da Girl Who Was In Luv W A Vampir.  It's twelve chapters long, and yes, it feels much longer.  The only question is, is it really worse than My Immortal?

In my humble opinion, no.  Twila is over with fairly quickly.  It just doesn't come close to the epic self-absorption and self-delusion that the far longer My Immortal does.  E for effort, but frankly, you fail at failing.

You know, we already have an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters, and the Internet is NOTHING like Hamlet.