June 7th, 2012

Sound Waves DUH

Stupidity Is Apparently Recessive On My Dad's Side

Just a short update before I go to bed....

My dad told me this story, and I couldn't believe it, so I independently corroborated it with my dad's two brothers.

When they were all younger, my dad, his brothers, and his sister were taken by their parental units on a road trip.  Among the stops was Mount Rushmore.

So they're all standing there, looking at Mount Rushmore.

And my dad's sister says, "Isn't God wonderful?"

My dad looks at her.  "What?"

"It looks just like the presidents," she says.

EVERYBODY, including the other tourists, turns to just look at her.

I quote Lewis Black -- "It's the kind of thing you hear it and your brain comes to a screeching halt.  And the left half of your brain looks at the right half of your brain and says, 'It's dark in here.  And we may die.'"