August 21st, 2012


Ark Of The Diver

NEWS REPORT -- Donna D'Errico, who used to be on Baywatch and posed for Playboy, apparently injured herself in the mountains of Turkey and has called off her quest.

What quest was she on?  She was on Mount Ararat.  She was looking to find Noah's Ark.

Okay.  I'm only going to explain this one time, so pay attention.

Reread your Bible, specifically Genesis 8:4.

It does not say Noah's Ark landed on Mount Ararat.

It says it landed in the mountains of Ararat.

Ararat in this context is a kingdom.

Oh, and to answer your next question, no.  The Bible gives no indication where the kingdom of Ararat is.

So quit traipsing around up there and risking your necks.  You'll find Jimmy Hoffa there before you find Noah's Ark.

Thank you for your time.