August 24th, 2012

Thor Likes It

Tomorrow, Sun Rise In The West, Pope Discovered To Be Jewish!

Rob Liefeld has quit DC Comics, effective with the zero issues coming out next month.

Liefeld is claiming editorial interference and that no one really has a clue how to run the DCnU.  This is nothing unusual.  Several other industry pros, including Gail Simone (who walked off Firestorm), George Perez (who walked off Action Comics), and others have been implying the same thing.  What makes Liefeld's complaints different is that the man who has no filter between his mouth and his brain is telling a LOT of tales out of school on Twitter.  Not only a story about how he basically extorted money owed from Marvel over Heroes Reborn, but lots of other shots at current DC management.

Liefeld claims he's working on a book about his time in the comics industry (I quote the Hitch-hiker's Guide To The Galaxy -- "I write novels!"  "He writes 'em in crayon!") and how the Image chapter was going to be the biggest, but now his tenure at DC will be.

A person on Twitter wrote to Marvel editor Tom Breevort, "now that rob lieffeld had left dc, can we get him back at marvel?  would love to see him back on x-force or deadpool!!" (sic).

Breevort's response?  "After that Twitter flame-out, I can't say I'd be in a hurry to get onto that train."

What do you know?  Breevort and I actually agree on something!

Catching Fire

Last time, you remember, Josh Hoopes, the Sacramento man who has been scamming people looking to work in comics for over a decade, accidentally doxed himself and Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool got the info.

Johnston offered Hoopes a public deal -- go away and never come back, and Johnston will sit on the info instead of turning it over to the people looking to press charges but unable to because they do not have the info.

At this point, any rational person would go, "I better knock it off."

Hoopes is not rational.

He did another of his bits on Freelanced, using one of his known aliases (Lalit Kumal) and displaying the exact same artwork gallery that everyone knows he uses.  (He does have a new pseudonym, David Houser.)

And he has scammed two more people.

Johnston has given them Hoopes personal information, and both are going to buzz the fuzz.

Mr. Hoopes?  There's an old Polish proverb that says, "When you play with matches, you shouldn't be surprised when you accidentally light one."

And I Guess That's Why They Call It The Bluewater

People like me don't like Bluewater Publishing.  Bluewater Publishing doesn't like people like me.  Isn't it nice when disperate individuals can actually agree on something?

Bluewater basically copied the initial business model of Personality Comics from the waning days of the black and white boom.  They made biography comics that used mostly public knowledge and turned a quick buck with collector fans.  Back then, though, Personality was at least an okay read, was respectful of the subject matter and talent, and it was a somewhat nice one-stop-shop for the people.  Bluewater is living in the age of Wikipedia.  Most of what they print you can find right there and not have to pay for their shoddy quality comic books and mercenary business practices.  The contracts the talent signs leaves them on the hook for criminal liability instead of Bluewater, and they can never seem to find their checkbook when it comes time to pay.  The nicest thing you can say about Bluewater is they don't lie, they flat out tell you you probably won't be paid, you're getting exposure.  But that's like saying they didn't wear steel cap boots when they kicked you in the balls.

Bluewater has been having some problems lately.  Last year, they held a fire sale, dumping most of their original titles and keeping the biography comics and (I think) 10th Muse for themselves.  Now, Diamond is refusing to carry a number of their titles because they are not making the minimum threshold orders (I bitched about Diamond upping the numbers.  Now, the upped numbers are causing problems for Bluewater.  I've been struggling with whether I should swear at Diamond or bake them a cake all day).

And now, here's the press release from Bluewater:


"In a strategic move to better position the company to take advantage of in the quickly expanding digital marketplace and new market economic realities in print, comic book and graphic novel publisher Bluewater Productions announced a new distribution partnership with Comic Flea Market. In a related move, the Vancouver-based company severed ties with distribution giant Diamond Comic Distributors.

"According to Bluewater, Comic Flea Market ( will print all future Bluewater titles including several that Diamond abruptly canceled due to their benchmark. These individual issues will be available in print as well as digital downloads for Nook, Kindle, iPad and other standard eReaders. Bluewater’™s graphic novels will still be distributed by SCB."

Yeah.  Bluewater is basically one step up from Ka-Blam here.  Stores will be a lot less likely to carry their stock.  And the bottom will be falling out of digital comics before too long.  Just talk to Checker and Devil's Due.

Stick a fork in their ass, they're done.