October 24th, 2012

Thor Likes It

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Readers!  Come and honor heroes among us!

I'm thinking of the Sound Waves Christmas Special.  There's a scene where Rhapsody gets her younger brother Todd to behave in public, not by threatening him with violence, but by publicly embarrassing him.

There's a Reddit user with the handle AustinMac.  He told a very amusing story about his teenage sister.  Seems she had an argument with her parents and said a lot of very rude things to them.  The parents took away her iPhone for a week.  That didn't stop the backtalk.

So mom and dad decided to escalate.

Did they spank her?


Did they ground her more?


They used her iPhone to take pictures of themselves like this.

Awesome Parents

They then uploaded ten of these choice shots to their daughter's Facebook page.

At this point, I would like to stop and salute these pranksters.  Most teens feel parents cramp their style.  This is so epic.

Oh, and the daughter is getting lots of likes.  Which means she'll never live it down.

It's always beautiful when pranksters lose their amateur status and go pro.  I promise myself I won't cry, but I always do....

Folks, take a moment and salute these heroes among us.

Blue Hair, Blue Water....

Pauly D Dis Gon B Gud

The story, as compiled by Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool, goes something like this....

Brett Carreras is the owner of the Brett's Comic Pile comic book store.  He's a fan of Katy Perry.  Bluewater Comics decided to do a Katy Perry biography comic.  Brett (apparently forgetting aaaaaaaaaaall the bullshit Bluewater has pulled over the years) wanted a special cover for the comic to be sold at his booth at the San Diego Comic Con as he's such a fan.  Bluewater agreed.  Brett even flew in the cover artist of his special edition to sign copies for fans.

The comic was not at San Diego.

The comic with the special cover went on sale at the store.  If you open it up and look inside the front cover, this is what you'll see....

Page With Sticer

Remove the sticker, and you'll see this.

Page Without Sticker

So, obviously, Bluewater came through, they were just late, right?  No.  Brett had an acquaintance hack into Bluewater's server and took the image files for the comic (COMPUTER SCIENCE III!).  He then had the comic printed himself with the special cover.  He also says Bluewater still has not paid him back (what a shock).

Darren Davis, who runs Bluewater, says there is no story here but is threatening legal action anyway.

Pass the popcorn, this looks like it's going to be an interesting train wreck.
Enchanting Mermaid

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

Ethan Van Sciver wrote on his Facebook page, "I would like Rob Liefeld to draw Badrock Obama.  But he won't."

Badrock is a strong guy character (or "tank" as some put it) from Liefeld's Youngblood comics.  Okay, could be worth a chuckle if done right.  Liefeld responded (emphasis mine), "Ethan, I am retired from comics but you have my blessing, it would look great if you drew it."


A half hour later, Liefeld made these tweets:

"I am NOT retired from comics.  Taking some time off and will be back at it soon.  Thanks!

"No I am not permanently retired from comics.  I'm too young!  Momentarily, yes.  Geez, let a guy enjoy some R and R

"My mistake is that I don't give facebook comments the same weight I do twitter rants.  Lesson learned."

Oh, I don't know, it sounds like he gives them the exact same weight.

But still, Liefeld isn't retiring from comics.


...well, shit.