November 18th, 2012

Toob Raider

Free Preview: Toob Raider #1

Well, here we go.  The full first issue of Toob Raider.

There's a reason I'm posting this as a free preview before it goes on sale.  Toob Raider may feature characters from Sound Waves, but the approach is different from a regular Sound Waves comic.  It has nothing to do with music or friendship or anything like that.  It's all about the eternal rivalry between siblings, so it's more of a flatout comedy.  As such, I think the vibe is different enough that Sound Waves fans won't automatically embrace it.  I decided the sporting thing to do is give them a chance to decide if they like it before they have to cough up any dough.

So, without further ado, Rhapsody vs. her younger brother Todd.  Click through for biggies.  And as with any battle between brother and sister, this isn't going to be pretty....

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