December 23rd, 2012

Peter G

The Gentleman Is Back

Sorry I've been away for a little bit.  I haven't had much to talk about and not much interest in talking (I'm afraid it's something really personal, so I won't be bringing it up here).  But I need to get moving forward through life again, and I seem to finally be breaking surface (thank you, God, you always seem to know the music that will bring me round) and hopefully we are back to our regularly scheduled sock hop.
Peter G

Confidential To....

Bad news, buddy. everage has been cancelled.  The episode running Christmas Day is The End.  Dean Devlin, one of the producers, said they had a feeling this was coming, so the last episode was shot to wrap things up just in case.  So you will see the final fates of the Leverage team, and it isn't just to end things, this was what they were aiming for.

Reproductive Rights, Lefts, And Uppercuts To The Jaw

I was really hoping that, with election season over, we'd heard the end of stupid conservative politicians who don't understand how women's private parts work.


Meet the newest member of Peter G's, "Why I Hate The World" club.  This is Derek Johnson, an inferior Superior Court Judge from southern California.  He used to be a prosecutor for Orange County's sex crimes unit.  So you'd think this guy would know a few things about sex crimes, right?

In 2008, he was hearing the case of a man who threatened his ex-girlfriend.  He said he was going to use a heated screwdriver to mutilate her face and genitals.  He beat her with a metal baton and made more violent threats, then finished things off with rape, forced oral copulation, "and other crimes."  The woman reported the violence the next day, but didn't report the rape until 17 days later (women will sometimes not mention it because they think the men in the Establishment don't give a shit.  We will see that was unfortunately prescient of her).

The prosecutor in the case wanted 16 years.

The judge gave him 6.

His reasoning?  (Buckle up, Spanky.)  He had seen violent cases during his sex crime unit days where women's vaginas were "shredded" by rape.  "I'm not a gynecologist, but I can tell you something:  if someone doesn't want to have sexual intercourse, the body shuts down.  The body will not permit that to happen unless a lot of damage is inflicted, and we heard nothing about that in this case."

...I'm sorry, but that statement is so full of bullshit, I need a moment to recover.

The California Commission On Judicial Performance reviewed the complaint about his "logic" (after four years.  Thanks for expediting this).  Johnson's defense was that he was frustrated with the prosecutor's insistence on a 16 year sentence.  Johnson felt 6 was what the case was "worth".  I think he'll find a LOT of people who are siding with the DA on this one.  Anyway, the panel ruled 10-0 to publicly admonish Johnson.  Yeah, that'll teach him.  I'm sure if they were tech savvy, they'd start an online petition, too.

Anyone thinking judges are supposed to be wise and not let their petty feelings get in the way of justice?  I got some bad news for you....
Sound Waves

Swag, Muthahfuggahs!

I've mentioned the fine and upstanding Mermaid Shelly several times, and her wonderful new store in Oceanside, California.  She offers all sorts of mermaid related stuff and new opportunities for my friends to make fun of me (I told my teacher she offers hair chalking courses.  My teacher looked at my head and grinned, "What hair?").  Mermaid Shelly's Grotto is also the place to go for the Hannah Singer books.

And now?  You can also find my Sound Waves comics there, too.

Mermaid Shelly is selling Sound Waves, both individual issues or complete sets.  Not just the regular series, but the Christmas Special and the Toob Raider spin-off as well.  And guess what, she sent me pictures.


So do yourselves a favor, go to Mermaid Shelly's Grotto, where you'll find lots of great stuff for the mermaid enthusiast you are or know.  You can see more pictures at her Facebook page, as well as how to get there.
Thor Likes It


The fine and upstanding mornblade recently posted this, which takes me back to the days when my friends and I would come up with the most whacked out match-ups that somehow still worked.  The legacy lives on with the folks at Screw Attack, a great longtime video game site.  Haven't checked it out in a while, so this went right by me.

Check this out, this is fun.