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// Next Public Appearance: Next Weekend At The Grayslake County Comic Show;

Hey, kids!  Your friendly neighborhood mangaka will have his next public appearance in just one week!  (Note to self:  get a table cloth, it just looks nicer).  If it snows this time, I'm going to shit myself.

So, what is there to do that is non-Peter G-centric?  Well, for starters, for you guys heavily into the effects of puberty, Cathy St. George is going to be there.  She was the August 1982 Playboy centerfold.  She's acted in a few movies, like Star 80, Beverly Hills Brats, and The Man Who Loved Women, but she seems to get her steadiest work in the make-up department.

What's that?  You women would like some sexuality as well?  Well, say no more, because Playgirl's subject for October 1973 is going to be there, too!  Fred "The Hammer" Williamson is going to be there.  Williamson used to play pro football and switched to an acting career.  He mostly cut his teeth on blaxploitation fare, culminating in Original Gangstas in 1996, and his role From Dusk 'Till Dawn is more of a lateral move.  He was also in the Starsky And Hutch movie from 2004.

Low budget movie fans like myself are going to be in Heaven.  The crew of Mountain Mafia will be there to unleash their new flick on the world!  I don't know the plot, but like Snakes On A Plane, Hillbilly Hercules, and Werewolf In The Girls' Dormitory, I'm guessing it's all there in the title.  Robert Z'dar is there.  People like me remember him as Maniac Cop, as well as Tango And Cash and Beastmaster.  He'll also be conducting a one hour acting class for $25 a head, you'll see the e-mail link on the page.  Also there from the movie will be David Fultz, Casey Miracle, Billy W. Blackwell, Joey Kovar, Mike Holman (who was also in Jackass), and director Cherokee Hall.  Folks, I've partied with B movie crews.  I guarantee they're going to be a gas.

Another B movie being repped is Sister Mary, although, sadly, no Judy Tenuta, who is in the flick.  James Vallo, actor, producer, and one of the founders of West Bridge Entertainment, Zd Smith, and Michelle Shields.  Shields is a Chicago local who digs the B movie/horror scene.  She's host of Indy Chicago and the World Of The Weird Monster Show.  Besides being in Sister Mary, she's also been in Dark Knight, Grave Robbers From Outer Space, Fred Claus, and Public Enemies.  She's also been featured in comics by "Comic Book Divas".

Also there is Antonio Mireles, an extra who has appeared in Clint Eastwood's Gran Turino.  Heather M. Price, an actress working her way up the B movie scene and aspiring scream queen (Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer, those are some pretty big shoes to fill), is also there.

Comic book stuff?  Bill Reinhold (inker for Marvel) and Linda Lessman Reinhold (colorist for Marvel) will be there.  Scott Beadererstadt (Troll Lords) will be there, too.  Underground cartoon legend Jim Mitchell (Smile) will be there.  Connie Faye, who you may remember from the DuPage show, will be there again.  The Typ-O Comics Group from Cedar Rapids, IA, is sending a delegation there.  Among the people will be Andy Kraus (creator, artist -- Rex Manitou), Robert Crosby (creator, artist -- Twisted Fwiggets), Zach Shields (penciler, inker -- Khild), Simon Mitchell (creator, writer, penciler -- Bad Sushi Cannon), and Matt Mitchell (inker -- Bad Sushi Cannon).

Oh, and cult comic strip creator, computer game programmer, comic book writer, Polish mangaka, and sarcastic jackass Peter G will be there, too.  I'll have copies of my computer games Cloudburst and Lightning Strike there (full versions, $10 each, each disc has both the Linux and Windows versions of the games), Stress Puppy -- The Rise Of Holly graphic novel, the complete run of Head Above Water (you can get #5 over a month before it becomes generally available), and issues 1 through 6 of Sound Waves.

So come on over and say hi!
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