January 10th, 2013

Derpy Stamp

Letters From Our Readers: Be Careful What You Wish For

Taking a little break from working on the next Hannah Singer book, I'm chatting online, and I get a question....

"Do you put people you know in your stories?"  I suspect his next question would have been how he could get in one.

Well, no.  Not yet.  See, I currently have five people in my life that think that some character I've written or drawn is based on them or inspired by them or a reference to them or whatever.  And no amount of explaining or denying or swearing on the Bible will convince them otherwise.

I used to think giving little shout outs to friends would be cool.  Back when I was on the anime forums, there was a guy who I got along great with when I first got there.  He took me under his wing and was generally swell.  I decided to show my appreciation by naming a computer expert character after him.  Then one day, he led a dog pile on me for reasons I still do not completely understand (not that I'm really trying to figure it out, but you know what I mean).  That was the day I instituted a "no one I really know" policy in my works.

That, however, changes with the next Hannah Singer book.  The story about the asshole corporate guy who treats his employees like shit?  He's based on someone I know (and anyone who knows him and reads the dialog in the book is going to know EXACTLY who he is).  The story about the mother who manipulates her daughter into having a sexual affair with her and winds up damned to Hell?  She's also based on someone I know.  There are a couple more evil characters in not yet published stories that are based on people I know.  And between the Hannah Singer books and my My Little Pony fanfic that was seen by over eight million people, I have more opportunities.

So, do I put people I know in my stories?  If the character is a good guy?  No.  If it's a bad guy?  Well....
Peter G

2,500 Posts!

This is my approximately 2,500th post!  Done just before I start my triumphant fifth year of writing this shit!  (Which means that, even with the slowdown due to work, I'm still averaging about two posts a day.)

So, to commemorate, how about a cheap shot?  Everybody loves cheap shots.  Here's a cheap shot for you:

Obama package

Here's to more years and more posts!