February 3rd, 2013

Let Me Tell You Why That's Bullshit

Sketchy Business

On Friday, Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool was contacted by a friend of Rob Guillory, the artist on Chew.  It was to alert him to an eBay auction for a Chew sketch by Rob Guillory, pictured below.

Chew 1

The sketch included a certificate of authenticity from And Comics, Too, a story where Guillory had done a signing just this past October.  It is pictured below.

Chew COA

Both of these are fakes.  Not only did Guillory deny the sketch, but the owner of and Books, Too pointed out that the "a" in the store name is not capitalized, and wouldn't be on the COA.  The seller claims he bought the sketch from someone else and was just trying to flip it.  The auction was taken down shortly thereafter.

And shortly after that, these two sketches by Robert Kirkman from the previous seller were discovered on eBay.

Kirkman 1

Kirkman 2

And, like the auction above, this one also comes with a COA, from Meltdown Comics.

Kirkman COA

And, like the auction above, these are also fake as a three dollar bill.  The auction was pulled shortly thereafter.

Now come reports of at least six shops in the Michigan area have been approached by someone trying to sell the phony Gillory sketch, the phony Kirkman sketches, and also a sketch by Fiona Staples that is likely phony, too.  The sellers story is that they got the sketches in person from a show in Toronto.  So far, no one has bought them.

(In an interesting note, Wonderworld Comics in Taylor, MI, was one of the stores approached.  The guy had read the coverage on Bleeding Cool and recognized the phony art right away.  But he played stupid, saying he had to consult with other people, and got the guy's credit card information and some nice pictures on the store security cameras.  Guess what's on its way to the cops.)

So, if you are cruising for original artwork of your heroes or run a store where you are approached, be very careful.  And spread the word.

We must look out for each other.

Grow A Pair

Sometimes, you read a news article and you just sit there stunned.

It seems male German soldiers are growing tits.  Only one each.  The left one.  Just when you think German sex is as warped as it can get....

The battalion where this has been observed is the Wachbataillon, a unit that performs precision military drills at official ceremonial functions.  Part of the routine is smacking their firearms against their left chests.  This is apparently triggering gynecomastia, where male breasts suddenly start developing like their female counterparts.  In other words, genuine, 100% real man boobs.

Gynecomastia is rare, but not unheard of.  It's usually the result of hormonal imbalance between testosterone and estrogen in the body and physical trauma to the chest area.  Teenage boys (read that:  going through puberty) are the most susceptible, and usually get them surgically removed once they reach the psychological breaking point.  Still, it's very odd that it's only occurring on only one side, and only to this particular battalion.  In fact, 70% of the battalion is afflicted with it.

According to the report, "Military officials have promised to keep an eye on the men's breasts."

No, I'm saying anything.  What am I, five?