February 4th, 2013


Sign O' The Times

So, during the Super Bowl halftime show, singer Beyonce did this:


People on the Internet (probably the same people who talk to themselves on the bus) are saying that she is flashing an Illuminati sign and this is proof she is a part of the conspiracy.

You gotta love a world where a black woman flashes something OTHER than a gang sign and gets in trouble for it.

Smile, You Son Of A Bitch

So, yesterday, I reported on some scammers with phony Rob Guillory art, phony Robert Kirkman art, and phony Fiona Staples art that they were trying to sell on eBay and Craigslist (aren't there new rules for Craigslist about advertising to screw someone?  I'm SUCH a bitch), and with those being taken down, they decided to try their luck in RealTime, approaching at least six comic shops in the Michigan area with a cock and bull story about getting the sketches at a Toronto convention.

Wonderworld Comics in Taylor, MI, saw these peckerheads come in, trying to swap the sketches for other untainted merch instead of selling them outright.  The store got one guy's credit card info and pictures of the two in the store to forward to the fuzz.

Want to know what they look like?

Say "cheese," assholes!


Comic shops in the area are pooling their resources to nab these guys, so watch out.