February 16th, 2013

Just One More Thing

Dragon Their Feet

Update on the Dragon Con story I wrote yesterday, where after 12 years of dodging the truth about Ed Kramer, Dragon Con finally decided to give a response.  There were some people praising Dragon Con and saying they understand their situation and should be applauded for letting everyone know their situation....

Nancy A. Collins, the fine and upstanding writer who has been trying for years to alert people to Kramer and his relationship with Dragon Con, just contacted Bleeding Cool with this little piece of info --

"Dragon Con has removed my comments pointing out Kramer was a guest in 2008 and the link to the victim's statement at ATLANTA MAGAZINE.  They have also blocked me from their page."

Yup.  They've turned over a new leaf, all right.

Sine Timore Early Warning System: The Death Of Wolverine

Marvel had a creative summit recently, and among the rumors spinning out of there is Marvel is planning to kill off Wolverine sometime in 2014.

This is a character with an insane healing factor, who once regenerated from only a skeleton.  Hell, he was reduced to a single drop of blood, and he regenerated from that!  And don't forget the Wolverine movie franchise.

We remain at Defcon Blue.

The Gift For The Man Who Has Everything

On eBay, from Spain, an Antique Amputation Surgical Set.  "Lacking pieces."

Bidding as I write this is $3,600.  Shipping is $150.  I'm more curious how you will get it through customs.

I just realized I'm looking at a DIY amputation kit, and my question is how you will get it shipped to your house.

What's worse is the "See what other people are watching."  My display is showing a "Thermalaids Rectal Dilator".  The listing helpfully mentions it is "quackery."  $10 plus $4.50 shipping.

I am so glad my life is half over.  This world is getting to be more than I can stand.