March 10th, 2013


Random Paul

With the R's Hindenburg-like collapse during the 2012 Presidential election, it's left a power vacuum in the order.

And politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum.

Some people are saying that the R's aren't going to change.  Wrong.  They are.  The primary proof is in the current people running for the R's nomination in 2016, Mark Rubio and Bobby Jindal.  Rubio is Hispanic, and Jindal is Indian.  Any other time, they would be marginalized out of existence (no one knew who Rubio was until he was rumored to be Mittens' veep pick).  Instead, a party that prides itself on being stuck in the 1950's as far as race relations goes has them gathering press.  Newt Gingrich himself is trying to feel things out instead of acting as the guardian of the party's conservative philosophy.  The old guard is finished.

However, this also means that just about anybody has a shot at being the focal point of the party.

Including an assclown by the name of Rand Paul.

Rand is the son of Ron Paul, the "libertarian" Republican who sold out his principles in hopes of speaking at the RNC instead of stumping for the actual Libertarians, guaranteeing they wouldn't get more than 1% of the vote.  Rand paints himself as a libertarian himself, however there's a difference -- Ron Paul is aware of the limitations of his philosophy.  Rand Paul is just an asshole, stumping for free market economics (I love people who say Jesus is a myth but the Free Market is real) and hands-off objectivism that borders on Randianism.  Ron's ideas can be summed up by saying that anything that compels someone to do something is an infringement of rights, since the person is ultimately not doing something by their choice.  TL;DR -- compassion and understanding is for suckers.

Rand has been trying to sponge off his daddy's cache in the R party.  Now, he's trying to build his profile.  Why not?  Anyone who followed the R platform for 2012 is done.  They'll be wiped out in 2016.  The field is wide open for someone to challenge the party's fundamentals, much like Bill Clinton successfully did in 1992.  Voices that would normally be sent off with a "go away, kid, you bother me" are getting the mic.  Some get it because they are seen as, "He could have changed things" (Rubio).  Some get it because they are seen as talking straight about economic realities, what was behind Romney's initial climb before he fucked himself with the party stances on gay and women's rights (Jindal).  And some get it because they have a cult following and are hoping they are better organized than the competition and they'll withstand everything (Rand Paul).  Remember, 2016 is a long time away.  Everyone thought Sarah Palin would be the nominee for the R's in 2008, and by 2011, she was a joke.  Again.

Rand recently did a filibuster to protest President Obama's response to the question of using drones to kill Americans.  12 hours, 52 minutes.

Completely wasted time.

All he did was put on a show that got the spotlight on him if for no other reason than how long he talked.  Instead of a deeper examination of Obama's position (it's actually more nuanced than the press is reporting), and trying to do know...CONSTRUCTIVE, Rand just presented himself as a challenger speaking truth to power.

Rand, for some reason, is trying to inherit his dad's support of the tea partiers, the weekend warrior activists who, on an organizational level, are just as hardcore objectivist as Rand Paul is.  The tea partiers continue to believe they are a political power because politicians court them.  News flash -- politicians support them because the tea partiers give them money.  If it weren't for that, they'd be rightly branded as a bunch of kooks and ignored.

"Randian" is supposed to mean "Ayn Rand."  Rand Paul is putting his own spin on it.  Hopefully, it'll be done in four years.

Peter G

Christmas Comes Once A Year. Too Bad It Isn't Less.

This is an all point bulletin for my friends and family because I've been getting some questions, and I figure it's easier to do this than repeat it to eeeeeeeeeeverybody....

No, I'm not doing Christmas gifts again this year.

The reason I quit on gifts last year is because I was burning out.  I won't tell you all the details, but there were a couple of things that I was working on.  I one day looked at them, thought about how stressed I was getting trying to complete them, find other stuff, deal with overtime, work on my writing...I just crashed.  I couldn't handle it.  I realized I was putting a lot of effort into it, but these couple of special things were just me taking things WAY too far and I needed to stop (the gang was actually thrilled that I bailed because they've been saying I needed to scale back for years).  Last year was the most stress free my holidays have been in decades, and that's including the drama my sister has been causing.

So, I'm taking a step back from Christmas gifts.  I'll still celebrate the holiday and everything, but gifts are out.  They have to be.  I've burnt out after over twenty years of investing nine months out of each year to seeking out things to make the holiday special.  I need a break, and I'll let you all know when I'm ready to jump back in.

But it ain't happening this year.
Worms Ready For Battle

REMINDER: Next Weekend Is My Next Public Appearance At DanCon 2013!

Hey, everybody!  Just a reminder that next Saturday is DanCon 2013, and I'll be there.  Click through for biggie.


As you can see from the map above, it's real easy to get to, a block off 45.  $3 for adults, $1 for kids.  I'll be there with all my stuff, including new copies of the newest Hannah Singer book.  Here's the map of the artist's room, to the right once you get in the main entrance.  You'll see I'm about in the middle, next to the folks from Unshaven Comics.  Once again, click through for biggie.


Hope to see you there!
Worms Ready For Battle

The Newest Hannah Singer Book Is Out!

I knew I was forgetting to do something....

On February 13, Ash Wednesday, the third book in the Hannah Singer, Celestial Advocate series came out.

There are a full nine stories in this book this time.  What happens?

HELL ON WHEELS -- A businessman who screwed his employees and approved a car that was a death trap dies.  The Churches are defending him because he was still a good Christian man.  Hannah has to knock him down.

A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS -- From the early days of Hannah's career.  A man selling phony indulgences dies, and the Churches are looking to hammer him because they see what is coming with Martin Luther and the Reformation.  People's absolution of sins and freedom to explore their own religious beliefs are on the line.

SELF-MADE MAN -- The story of Frankenstein isn't fiction.  It's history.  And Hannah has to lead the defense of the creature to get him into Heaven.

REPEAT PERFORMANCE -- Hannah's worst nightmare happens.  She gets retried by a new senior Church, and Camael, her nemesis among the presiding angels, is sitting in judgment.  Once again, she has to defend herself, against opponents who have had time to prepare for her this time.

RUNNING FROM THE FAMILY -- The brother of a Hollywood star who traded on his notoriety dies, and Hannah has to block him from Heaven.

MANY HAPPY RETURNS -- A man keeps getting reincarnated to help his family, and he's getting tired of not going to Heaven.

SINS OF THE FATHER -- How much responsibility do parents have when their kids turn their backs on them?  This becomes the central issue as Hannah defends a neglected dad.

THE DARKEST SECRET -- A mother corrupts her daughter into sharing the darkest secret with her, and ties her fate to her daughter's to keep from going to Hell.  It's Hannah's toughest case yet, as she tries to save an innocent soul and Cast her betrayer.

ACE OF CLUBS -- A court case decided with a round of golf?  A-yup, and Hannah's forced into play.

You want a copy but you can't see me at DanCon?  What are your options?  I'm glad you asked.  First, here's the link if you have a CreateSpace account.

Next, there's always Amazon. Here's the link for the US site.  And if you want to catch up, here's all three books and they can be ordered individually.

And finally, expanded distribution.  For example, here's a link to Barnes And Noble.

Buy and enjoy, everybody!