March 24th, 2013

Reflective Mermaid

Beautiful Dreamer

I'm feeling a little burnt out after having dinner with my dad last night, so I decided to take a quick nap that I just woke up from.

I slept for an hour.

I don't usually dream during naps.

One hour of images of mermaids literally swimming through my mind.

Why can't things like this happen when I'm sleeping for the full night?

Worms Ready For Battle

New Convention Appearance Announcement For Later This Year! Kokomocon 2013!

Hey, kiddies!  (And I mean that literally, for reasons I will get to anon.)

It is now confirmed I will be at Kokomocon 2013 on October 19th!

Kokomocon is in Kokomo, Indiana.  It is a comic convention with an all-ages focus (perfect for a guy who draws comics about a girl who is friends with a mermaid).  I'm thinking seriously of also taking copies of Cloudburst since the kids that play it dig it.  I will definitely have copies of Sound Waves, Toob Raider, and the Hannah Singer books (the con isn't only for all-ages stuff, just the focus of it).

Yes, I will be doing pony commissions, as well.  Why not?

I'll have more details as the date gets closer.  So if you are out in that neck of the woods, come by and say hello to the Polish manga-ka!  See you there!

Why Windows Is Still The Dominant Operating System Despite Linux And Mac Being Superior

I've had an Arduino Uno for a while now, and decided to start playing with it.

Trying to get it to work under Darwin (Linux desktop computer) or Kylie (Linux netbook) was a mess of missing libraries, finding COM ports, and so on.

Tried it on a Mac.  The Mac didn't even spot the board.  That's a PPC Mac AND an Intel.

Hauled it over to Becket (WinXP desktop).  Took a little arguing to get it to find the driver folder in the download file, but it finally did.  Took three tries to find the right COM port.

It found it and uploads to the device perfectly.