March 26th, 2013


They Do The Arguments, I Do The Snark

The Supremes are currently hearing arguments on the constitutionality of gay marriage.  And lots of them would rather they weren't, with some saying they weren't sure why this was being heard by them.  Uh, because it's your JOB to hear cases like this, maybe?

Justice Alito, at the hearings on gay marriage, said that gay marriage is newer than cell phones or the Internet, so he's not sure there should be a case about it right now.  Didn't stop you from ruling on Obamacare, did it?

Complaining about hearing cases you may not like is like the executioner complaining about all the assholes he deals with when it's time to flip the switch.  Quit acting like a bunch of pussies and consider the motions because, you may not see the need for a fight, but we regular citizens do, and we pay you to do it.
Peter G

A Heartfelt Thank You To My Fine And Upstanding Readers

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Kankakee Fantasy Con has been going passive aggressive on me because they don't want me there and can't bring themselves to tell me, "No, go away."

Since then, I've gotten comments on my Facebook page and emails from people who go to KFC specifically to see me saying they no longer have a reason to go to KFC.  And I've gotten lots of IM's, emails, and such of general support from others (including one longtime buddy from the trenches who told me what exactly KFC's problem with me is.  I can't say what I was told, but it's nothing personal.  It's still bullshit, but it's nothing personal).

I just wanted to take a moment to gush that I've got the best friends and fans in all of time and space.  Thank you for siding with this humble creator.  I'm always serious when I refer to my "fine and upstanding" audience.  Things like this are why.  Thank you all again.
Derpy Stamp

Letters From Our Readers: Going Pro

An email came in from a comic creator I'm friends with, regarding my ES&D post about the Kankakee Fantasy Con --

"Congratulations on your first public feud.  You are now officially a comic industry pro."

No, I need TWO feuds to be official.  Are you volunteering?  ;-)

KISS Them For Me

The rock band KISS is proud of being a bunch of capitalist whores.  If there is anything they can slap the KISS logo on, they will do so.  Hell, two of the band even did lines for a phony KISS Christmas special that appeared on the TV during a Family Guy episode.

KISS has done comic books for a while.  There was their first one with Marvel (legend says members of the band mixed some of their own blood in with the red printing ink for the issue.  Partly true.  There was a mix-up, and the ink in question wound up being used on Sports Illustrated instead).  They hatched a deal with IDW bringing out more KISS comics.  There was a recent KISS/Archie crossover.

Well, when people want to shamelessly merchandise but they have no creative ideas, what do they do?

Babies and little kids!

Introducing KISS Kids, coming soon from IDW.  I shit you not.


What, did they raid Rob Liefeld's rejected jokes from Shrink?