March 28th, 2013


Start The Revolution Without Me

One of the guys on the channel sent me a link, with the message, "You want to see this."

I did a quick skim and asked, Give me one good reason why I shouldn't block you.

He replied, "You didn't read deep enough.  Try again."


The link is to a Facebook knockoff called Tea Party Community.  This is for people who think the Republican Party is too liberal.  A representative screen grab, courtesy of Something Awful:


Now, longtime readers know I view Tea Partiers the way I view a burst appendix -- messy, completely unnecessary, and makes me wish I was dead.  So why am I giving some of my precious disk space to these useless wastes of space?

Looking over the comments, I saw it.

I recognize the writing and humor styles of a few of the posters.

A little talking confirmed it -- the board is crawling with trolls, some of whom I know.  Fighting a lunatic fringe (there is a petition on the site to tell trolls to leave them alone.  It has a little over 200 sigs.  There's no way this could POSSIBLY fail).  God bless you all.

Train wrecks on tap.  How American is that?