April 6th, 2013

Sound Waves

Doctor Who: The Rings Of Akhaten

Yeah, I'm going with a Sound Waves icon because, had Rhapsody and Melody been the Doctor's companions, they could have saved the day.

Yeah, I know, I'm such a bitch.  But not only was I flashing back to the Star Wars cantina, but I also caught references to Indiana Jones, the 1980 Flash Gordon movie (with the Queen soundtrack, the only redeeming feature of the film), Blade Runner, Hellraiser...not complaining, I throw little tips of the hat into my works as well.  Just...wow!  The sheer number!

There was an aborted Doctor Who storyline that dealt with a conflict between Rassilon, Omega, and The Other.  Rassilon, we know still exists somewhere in the Death Zone.  Omega?  We never quite knew what happened to him, and there have been all kinds of little hints about him throughout the series.  Lots of talk of "The Last", (alpha to omega, omega is the end, the last).  Could Moffat be trying to build that up again, with the Doctor as The Other (the seventh Doctor dropped heavy hints that he was actually around during the time of Rassilon, although The Five Doctors sort of cancels that out, as the Doctors and Rassilon seemed unaware of each other outside of the climax)?  The secret that must never be spoken?  Was "grandpa" Omega, and feeding this information helps reform him?

Oh, and grandpas and kids again.  Just like the Doctor and Susan....

All in all, an acceptable episode, although once the baddie came to life (all those who want an alarm clock like the mummy, raise your hand) it seemed to go off the rails.  And it was nice to see an alien world instead of a space station or human colony for a change.