April 26th, 2013

Enchanting Mermaid

One For The Money

This is the cover of IDW's My Little Pony comic one shot solo story for Twilight Sparkle.

MLP Twilight Cover

Thom Zahler is at C2E2, and he was nice enough to sign my comics for me.

He also had pages from the comic for sale.

Given that Andy Price is selling his original interior pages for $500-700 each (and the covers reaching four digits), I braced for sticker shock.

The interior pages were $150 each.  I could easily swing one of these, maybe two.

As I'm weighing my options, he mentions he has the cover for sale as well.


I tell him I need to think about it.

After about four hours, I come up and buy it.

With the exception of the Dresden Files pages, all the original art pieces I have are simple and low cost.  I have a couple of Supergirl pages that were cheap because she's just standing around talking (if she had been, say, punching a robot, that could have gone for $100 easy).  I have pages from indie comics.

This one page is worth more than almost every other page in my collection put together.

It's official -- My Little Pony has me by the balls.