May 12th, 2013

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Peter G

You Are Aware The Point Of Basketball Is To Not Touch Each Other, Right?

Dear Chicago Bulls,

I want to thank you for ruining last Friday night for me.

I'm hanging with a friend of mine I haven't hung with in ages, and we go to a sports bar to watch the game.  I dreaded watching the Bulls game after the epic meltdown you guys had in game 2.  I can take you guys losing a game.  I can't take you losing your composure like you did.

If that was a sign you shouldn't be winners, game 3 confirmed it.  That cheap shot on LeBron James?  You don't win games against the best team in the league by being stupid.  There's a difference between being tough and being an asshole.  Your heads weren't in the game, your heads were trying to be the Detroit Piston Bad Boys of the New Millennium.

That shit didn't fly when Detroit hit us with it during the Jordan Years.  It became a point of pride that Chicago could win without sinking to that level.  Now, here you are, embracing the anti-thesis of Jordan.

I'm expecting you to lose the next two games.  It's a shame.  You have fundamentals down.  You're scrappy.  You're a good team.

But your behavior sucks.

I hate Miami.  Always have, always will.  But I actually hate you more, and will until you cut the macho and actually play.

Peter G

Living In A Box

The Digital Dirtbike Challenge:  to make an arcade-style electronic game for under $500.

Project status:  cabinet is 90% complete.  Still needs marquee with possible lights, brackets to hold marquee in place, coin slot and controls and free play trigger, and plexiglass cover over the bezel.

Total cost so far:  $87.

I mentioned this to the coders, and they called bullshit.  "A real upright cabinet costs at least $500!  Where are you cutting corners?!?"

Turns out, it has to do with the fact that it's an oversized electronic game.  The cabinet is the heaviest thing, the electronics are few.  A regulation cabinet needs a shelf for the monitor, extra construction for the control layout, and so on.  In other words, I don't have to make the structure as involved as a MAME machine.  Hell, the lack of a monitor saves a ton of cash.

Relearning some electronics stuff because nothing was wiring up correctly.  Have figured out a couple of things I'm doing wrong, and have another idea or two.

Oh, and another of these el cheapo arcade games has occurred to me.  May do it for bonus points next year.
Moe Cowbell

Be Careful What You Wish For

Hi, mom.

"Did you do something for your sister for Mother's Day?"

She's not that kind of mother.

"Your sister needs a little affirmation right now."

That's her problem.

"Couldn't you get her a card?"

It's Sunday.  She'll never get it.

Eventually, mom says, "Dedicate a song to her!"


"It'll cost you nothing.  She listens to a certain station all the time.  She's listening now.  Dedicate a song to her."


Three minutes of pleading, I cave.

I hang up with mom and call the radio station.  I dedicate a song to my sister....

"Mother's Little Helper" by the Stones.

About twenty minutes later, mom calls me.  Before I can even say hello, she says, "THAT WASN'T FUNNY!"

The hell it's not.

Looks like I'll be excused from this bullshit next year.
Peter G

Sine Timore Early Warning System: Next Week's Doctor Who -- "The Name Of The Doctor"


Several people have advance ordered the Doctor Who Season 7 Part Two DVD and Blu-Ray set.  It's supposed to ship after next Saturday, when the final episode of the season runs.

Some copies have already shipped and arrived at people's houses.

The BBC is in full spin control mode, offering prizes to fans on their Twitter feed if they don't spoil the last episode (yes, I already know what happens.  I found out before the discs shipped, in fact.  I won't say anything, just that this is epic).

So if you see someone or a site saying they have the final episode spoilers, it's not speculation.  They probably do.

So if you want to be surprised, stay away from such sites until next Saturday.  And Sine Timore will remain a Doctor Who spoiler free zone until next Saturday, 800PM Chicago time.

All Whovians go to DEFCON RED!