May 28th, 2013


It Ain't Science If It Ain't Documented

Rand Paul is trying to do open mic night.

The Republican Party had a little shindig in Iowa earlier this month to try and gauge the populous and whether or not they need to get with the times.  Randroid was one of the people, and he went in front of the brick wall to talk about Obamacare in a performance Glenn Beck gave four stars (no kidding, Beck described Paul's bit as "hilarious -- yet revealing").  Particularly the diagnostic coding.  Check this out:

"I'm a physician, and when you come in to see me, I put down a little diagnostic code and there was 18,000 of these. But under Obamacare, they're going to keep you healthier, because now there's going to be 140,000 codes. Included among these codes will be 312 new codes for injuries from animals. 72 new codes for injuries just from birds. Nine new codes for injuries from the macaw. The macaw? I've asked physicians all over the country: Have you ever seen an injury from the macaw?"  Randroid also noted that turtles have two codes.  You walk into a lamppost?  That's one code, but doing it again is another code.

So, government bureaucracy run wild, right?

No.  And someone who purports to be a physician should know better.

The codes Randroid was making fun of appear in the International Classification Of Diseases, Tenth Revision (or ICD-10).  It is compiled by the World Health Organization, and is a standard to make medical tracking accurate and useful across all cultures.  Obamacare simply adopted the Gold Standard of medical classification, which this version was started in 1994 and finalized in 1997.  It is used in countries where there actually are things like macaw attacks.  (Oh, and for the record? There was a macaw attack in 2011.  Don't you hate it when facts get in the way of a good joke?)

And this guy wants to run the country.  Jesus.