May 30th, 2013

Peter G

I Hate The World

The little bitch is going to beat the rap.

My sister got accepted into a hardcore rehab program, and the prosecutor is willing to give her probation instead of any jailtime at all.

Oh, she'll be tested, and if she fails once, she's off to the Big House.  But as long as she stays clean (read that: avoids any drugs that violate her probation conditions), she's just another citizen.

Mom and dad are thrilled with the happy ending that their own personal Lifetime movie is heading towards.  So much so, they aren't even phased that my sister and her husband are hinting they might need mom and dad to lend them $600 this weekend.

Teacher?  If you're back by Saturday, I'm going to need to talk to you.  I know you will have just returned, and I'm really really sorry, but I really need this.

And to everybody else?  I don't think I'm going to be feeling all that sociable for a while.  Chester?  You can keep my Taito Legends disc for now, I'm not going to be playing video games for a while.

I'm really regretting my mistakes all those years ago.  I know exactly where I could be now instead of here, with people who genuinely care about me and a woman who loves me.  Instead, my stupidity has me here.

I'm so sick of being alive.