June 2nd, 2013

Peter G

"Well...Here We Go Again." -- The Brigadier

It is official --

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.

The replacement has apparently already been determined (in fact, back in January), but hasn't been made public yet.

I've never been all that thrilled with Smith's Doctor, although change doesn't necessarily mean improvement.  We'll see what happens.
Thor Likes It

Striking A Blow For Liberty!

Longtime readers are aware that I participated in the full-court press some industry pros were putting on Valiant.  There were questions about Valiant not paying royalties on reprints or for series they were reviving.

Well, Valiant just had a little chat with all their detractors, and everyone is apparently now happy.

Now, I am not taking credit for this.  I was just a soldier in the war.  But still, I participated, and the outcome is a victory for those involved.

I'm quite happy with myself right now.