June 9th, 2013

Peter G

Brotherly Love

"Your dad and I are going to see your sister next weekend.  Spend the day with her.  You know...before she...."

Gets locked up?

"...before she reports to prison."  And mom gave me her best, "We are not amused" stare.  It worked on me about as well as it usually does.

Okay.  Why are you telling me this?

"In case you want to come with.  You won't be seeing her for a while."

I haven't seen her since she was in rehab, and I wouldn't even remember that except mornblade had reminded me.

"I know you're upset about the drug thing (yes, she referred to it as "the drug thing" -- G), but she's going to be monitored for the next five years.  Just ask your aunt (who works in a law office -- G), your sister's days of doing drugs are over."

Twilight LOL No

"It would mean a lot to her if you went."

Oh, I'd love to, but I have to pull out all my toenails with pliers that night.


Family does not treat each other the way she treats you and dad.  Fuck her.

During the discussion, mom brought up that my sister STILL doesn't understand why she is going to prison on drug charges.  She honestly believes what she did shouldn't warrant anything worse than probation.  She has also more or less admitted she was only going to rehab to get mom, dad, and her husband off her back.  I'm telling you, it's just a question of when before she ends up doing hard time.

This behavior on the part of my parents is ongoing, by the way.  I have an aunt.  She's been in and out of jail multiple times.  Her daughter is the exact way, and the two frequently work together.  This particular niece has a kid herself.  Mom and dad are buying him gifts and sending them to him to remind him he is loved.  Mom hears him call her "Auntie" and her heart melts.

Part of me wants to protect my parents.  The other part of me is getting fed up and is tempted to let them learn the hard way.  But there's no do-overs in life, and I couldn't live with myself if I just let them get hosed.  So I put on my helmet and bang my head against the wall.

And put up with mom telling me I'm a bad brother for not being nice to my sister who has screwed people over her whole life while mom and dad pretended it wasn't happening.

Mom is trying to go environmental on my sister -- that if my sister is surrounded by a stable, loving family environment, she will embrace that instead of her darker impulses.  If that was true, crime would be a whole lot less.  Some men just want to watch the world burn.

My sister has told dad that she worries that, when they die, she won't have any family to talk to because I will shut her out.  Dad didn't correct that, but told her she has to rebuild my trust.  She has made no effort to even contact me.  Which is what I want, but it does spell out her motivations.  Focus on mom and dad since they react to her the best, and keep me (and my reality checking) out of the way.

This is not going to end well, I just know it.

Let's Make A Deal

A lot of Republican bigwigs are trying to shore up votes in favor of the immigration reform act.

Among the people they are lobbying is Rand Paul.

Randroid is saying he is open to voting for the immigration bill.

Randroid is looking for leverage.

Paul is a fulcrum point for a lot of the traditional R's.  Party leaders are asking him to enable them to let them have it both ways.  The act passes, it appeals to the changed populous that is making the 1950's R's into dinosaurs.  But with Randroid's support, they have a stamp of approval to show the big money supporters.

But Randroid wants something back for his influence.  Yeah, he's demanding tighter border security and such, but let's face it -- he's not drafting the bill, and they aren't about to go back in committee after it took this long just to come up with what they've got.  Randroid is holding the cards, and probably looking for something he can use come 2016.

Anyone who thinks Randroid is independent and won't sell out his principles?  Guess again.