June 11th, 2013


Sony Far, Sony Good

MicroSoft has been openly bragging about how its new game system, which people like me are calling the XBox Don't Buy One, will so revolutionize your entertainment, you will put up with all the bullshit.

*  You must log in over the Internet at least once a day just to use the console or it will lock up
*  Any games you are playing must phone home every hour over the Internet or it will lock up
*  Games can only be shared once, so potentially no used or rental game market
*  $500 price tag
*  restricts what online services you can use

M$ is claiming it is doing this due to increased pressure from its third party licensees to combat piracy.

Sony has given its presentation.

This is an actual video shown during their press conference, showing what users must do to share PS4 games:

Fucking trolled, bitch.  What you see there is a direct frontal assault on M$.  M$ is so convinced of its market dominance, as illustrated by former MicroSoft Studios creative director Adam Orth telling people complaining about the always-online thing to "deal with it."  Sony is clearing learning from the mistakes it made launching the PS3 and being so sure that everyone would want its new technology.  Most everything was a point by point rebuttal to M$:

*  No Internet connection required except for online games (you will need an account for multiplayer, but that's it)
*  Used, shared, and rented games are okay.
*  $400 price tag
*  Developers, take note:  the new architecture is more PC-setup, so the headaches of developing for the PS3 "Cell" technology are officially in the past

$400 is still a bit high, but not insurmountable.  Sony fielded tons of questions and showed off their development slate, while M$ just talked about TV capabilities and limited questions.  Sony already has a lot more buzz among the gaming community for its new system.  M$ has just about ceded the market to them.

Pride goeth before a fall.  And this fall will have a bigger fall.

Mooning Stone

(NOTE TO THOSE WONDERING:  The comments of people regarding Moonstone's customer service, and my own differences with a certain person peripherally involved in this, are immaterial.  What is happening to Moonstone is bullshit, and that's more important than any little pissing match.)

A few years ago, Nick Barucci at Dynamite got the license to make comic books based on Lee Falk's The Phantom, and gleefully crowed about this at Wizard World Chicago.  Completely overlooked in the grandstanding is that Moonstone had the rights and still had another year left to make their comics.  Barucci tried to do some spin, saying they wouldn't do their books for at least a year, but yeah, he shit right in their faces.

Barucci is at it again.  Moonstone got the rights to make comics based on the old British action figure Captain Action, sort of their version of G.I. Joe.

Dynamite just got the rights to make Captain Action comics, and they are showing off all the variant covers and shit.

I don't know what Joe Gentile did to piss off Barucci so much, but Jesus, dude, give Moonstone a break, will ya?

Ghost Writer -- Spirit Of Vengeance

So, Gary Friedrich has been saying he owns a stake in the Marvel character Ghost Rider and that the contracts he signed don't mean shit.

Marvel got a court to side with them and, among other things, prohibit Friedrich from advertising himself as "the co-creator of Ghost Rider" and owing Marvel $17,000.  (Several comic pros did sketches or gave original art to raise funds to pay this, like Neil Adams, Eric Powell, and Mike Mignola.  These men are heroes.  Honor them as such.)

Well, the rubber band just snapped.  The Second Circuit Court Of Appeals just ruled that the contracts Friedrich signed are ambiguous and vague, and a full-blown trial is needed to sort this out and determine if Friedrich does indeed own part of the character.

What will Marvel do now?  Pay him to go away?  Fight?  Ghost Rider is no longer a viable commercial property, as the last movie bombing out proves.  Or will they go through with it just to fuck with Friedrich for daring to oppose them, like they did with Steve Gerber?

The Ghost Of Steve Gerber is looking at the ruling as I write this.  He's very curious how this will end, as well.