July 2nd, 2013

Kill It With Fire

Keep On Moving, Don't Stop

I watch a lot of "paranormal" videos on the Internet.

Lots of them are easy to debunk.  Nothing to them.

So when you run across a real, honest-to-God, dues paying example of the mystic, the divine, and the just plain weird, you go from the exhilaration of "Yay!  This one's not phony!" to "Oh, shit!  This one's not phony!"

Our latest entry in "Sleeping With The Lights On" comes to us not from the Internet, but from Manchester Museum.  Campbell Price is an Egyptologist at the museum, and he noticed that a 10-inch tall statue of Neb-Sanu had been turned in its glass case.

So he spun it back.

It was spun again.

They set up a camera to see who was dicking with the statue.

No one.

Here's the time lapse.

Price is suggesting the museum may be hit by a curse.

I suggest putting the Elder Seal on the case and slowly back away....

Wait For It...Wait For Iiiiiiiiit....

So, the new Deadpool video game has a scene where Wolverine is on the ground and you, as Deadpool, are over him.

And the onscreen prompts tell you, "Press X to bitch slap, A to be a quitter."

I cannot wait to play this game....