July 10th, 2013

Sound Waves DUH

She's In Prison, But I'm The One Who's Suffering

Hey, everybody!  Did you know that prison is a TERRIBLE place to be?!?

Twilight You Don't Say

Yes, it's time for another installment of You Dumb Bitch, starring my sister.  Trust me, after reading some of this, all you'll be able to do is shake your head and go, "You dumb bitch."

Dad went to visit her in booking again.  I found out why I'm not allowed to visit her -- the guards are listening in, and my dad is sure that, when I go off pop, I might say something that can make the investigation against her easier.  Like she needs the help.

My sister told my dad that she didn't take rehab seriously.  Oh, no shit, really?  But that's not the biggie.  The biggie is how she is still asking dad to bail her out (she contacted a bail bondsman, but without a down payment, she won't get it, and no one is forking over the cash).

She told my dad...get ready for this...that she had fun the last time she was in prison.


When she went the first time, she was a "trustee".  Not sure what that means, but clearly, she wasn't put with the general population, she was kept aside (first time offender, all that bullshit).  Now, she's in booking and not being kept separate, and it's only going to get worse once she actually gets to the federal pen.  Mom, dad, and her husband also kicked in a lot of money for her to use at the commissary and such.  Mom and dad haven't given a dime, and her husband doesn't have much to give anymore.  So I guess her little vacation is over.

(I've been wondering why her husband isn't trying to divorce her while she's locked up, when he avoid getting stuck with alimony.  I have a sneaky suspicion he's doing it in hopes of getting some extra consideration from my dad, if you know what I mean, and I THINK you do.)

Sis wrote another letter to dad.  He hasn't received it yet, but she told him it ends with her asking him to bail her out.  Dad said no because she's a flight risk.  My sister said, once again, "the monsters are dead".  She emphasized, "Hand to God."  Dad pointed out she never used that expression before, it's what they say in jail.  In other words, she's learning what to say to convince people, not actually changing.

Mom decided to write my sister a letter, but dad wanted to read it first.  Mom spends the first few pages saying how disappointed and angry she is, but the last page is nothing but platitudes of how much she loves her daughter.  Dad refused to send it because guards read the mail and there's enough in there that my sister could be called as a witness for the prosecution.

"You didn't send the letter?!?" my mom cries.

"No," my dad says.

"But she won't know we love her!"

And to think my mom actually tells me she does not love my sister more than me.  I love having parents that are able to maintain when it comes to their princess going to prison, but they are mortified that their son watches cartoons in general and ponies in particular.  I'm starting to think it would serve them right if they never knew about the writing and how far I've come.

I'm trying to gather my resources and plan.  My sister is feeling betrayed that mom and dad are not getting her out of this, that they are actually going to leave the state before she is even arraigned.  I know my sister, and how bitter, evil, and vengeful she is.  I just know she's cooking something up to make my parents suffer when she gets out.  They're already on the edge, wondering what they did wrong that she turned out that way (mom has been taking half a Xanax every few days).  I don't trust my sister to not try to plunge the knife in and give it a good twist.  And I don't trust my parents to be wary enough around her to preserve themselves.  That leaves me trying to outguess a being of pure evil while protecting the willfully clueless.  No, I'm not that enamored with my parents, and I know they think very poorly of me.  But they are still my parents and if my sister does get them, it won't be because I sat around and did nothing.  The problem with letting people suffer the consequences of their actions is there's no rewind, no erase, no do overs.  It becomes history, immutable, set in stone.

And I won't have that on my conscience.