July 31st, 2013


Family Ties

Today was the vote on a bill introduced by non-interventionist Rand Paul to halt $1.5 bil in annual aid given to Egypt.

The final vote in the Senate was 86-13 against the bill.

I want you to note that number -- 86.  86 senators voted against Randroid's bill.  33 of those votes were Republicans.  Among the people voting against it was Florida Senator and possible 2016 candidate Marco Rubio, who traditionally has been a foreign policy hawk in line with McCain and Graham.  Also voting against it was Rob Portman, an R from Ohio who is considered a longshot for the presidential nomination.

Today, Campaign For Liberty slammed Rubio for his vote, even though, as stated above, Rubio tends to vote like McCain and Graham.  Spokeswoman Megan Stiles said they were all "surprised" how he voted.  “Senator Rubio today stood with President Obama and Harry Reid to vote against the rule of law and the American people.  I fully expected Senator McCain and Senator Graham to vote with Reid and Obama, as they often do, but for Senator Rubio, who bills himself as a conservative, to do so is disgraceful. Campaign for Liberty will be sure to remind the citizens of Florida that Senator Rubio stood with Obama to send their money to Egypt.”

For those who don't know, Campaign For Liberty was founded by the people who worked on Ron Paul's 2008 presidential campaign.  If you want proof that they have become Randroid's attack dog, Stiles says they are planning similar condemnations about Graham and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker.  But those are just going to state-based reporters -- Rubio got a national release.  No mention of Portman, either.

Randroid is no officially part of Campaign For Liberty.  But he is scheduled to speak at a forum they are co-sponsoring later tonight.

Understand this -- when you claim to oppose "politics as usual," I hold you to a higher standard than general politicians.  Using your daddy's group for a surgical strike like this is bullshit, and I will never support your campaign.

And fuck you to Ron Paul for not smacking some sense into these people.  I regret ever supporting your campaign.