August 18th, 2013

Reflective Mermaid

No Place Like Home For The Holidays

Before I get any further, I want to establish that I am perfectly calm.  I am perfectly at peace.  I am not upset in the slightest.

Why?  I'll tell you in just a minute.

First, the big news -- my sister is getting out of jail.

How, you may ask?

Well, remember when I said I suspected they were putting the arm on her to make her flip and turn in other sellers?

She did.

StoolPigeonIn exchange for her cooperation, she gets something like four years probation and a super-heavy monitoring program.  They can test her any time, day or night.  They can search her house any time, day or not, without a warrant.  If she drives without a seat belt, she goes to jail for decades.

And she gets out of jail now.

Upset?  Sure.  I couldn't believe she was beating the rap again.  This was total bullshit.  I grabbed my mediation music, went to church, kneeled, and listened for my angels.

And somewhere, in the midst of the swirling thoughts and emotions, one thought got through.

If she drives without a seat belt, she goes to jail for decades.

Suddenly, the situation started to crystalize.  When my sister first did time, on the way out, guards were telling her she'd be back.  Prison guards see this stuff all the time, they know who's going to fall off the wagon and who has learned their lesson.

That means prosecutors do, too.

Basically, they have offered my sister a bet.  A bet they are expecting her to lose.  They know her narcissism will not let her rest, she'll be back to her old tricks once she thinks no one is paying attention anymore.  Not only can they then use her involvement to get someone bigger, but there won't be the back and forth there is now.  Her goose will be cooked.

My first priority is protecting my parents from any revenge my sister may be plotting.  I actually don't think I'll need to be on the clock all that long.  My sister rolled over on other drug dealers.  It won't take them long to figure out who did it.  My sister thinks her actions take place in a bubble.  By doing this, she has made herself a target.  Anyone wanting revenge just has to simply plant drugs before an inspection, and she's off to the pokey.

In other words, all I have to do is wait, and the situation will take care of itself.

There was just one thing left, though.

So I had a little talk with my sister.  Private.  One on one.

We met at a fast food place, and she came up and gave me a hug.  I hugged her back.  We separated and sat.

My sister is the only one in my entire extended family that knows of the creative evil lurking in my mind, and how devastating it can be when the switch gets flipped.  She is aware of some of the stunts I've pulled, how I pulled them off, and how I kept myself clear from any implication.  I reminded her of how I was ready to rain holy terror on her husband when he tried to choke her.  How I could have had him put away for decades and no one would be able to trace it back to me.

I can now do the same thing to her.  In fact, I can do worse to her.  After all, she's the one on probation instead of having a clean record for the past seven years.  I no longer have to temper my hatred of her.

I told her, here's how it's going to work -- you leave mom and dad alone, I leave you alone.

"I'm not doing anything to mom and dad, hand to God."

Do not interrupt me.  You leave them alone, I leave you alone.  You want to get even with your husband?  Knock yourself out, I won't get in the way.  But if you even look like you are trying something with mom and dad, you will lose.  Badly.  I hate you, and I will show you no mercy.  Look in the left front pocket of your hoodie.

My sister reached in the pocket, and her brows knitted.  There was something in there she wasn't expecting.  She then pulled out a small baggie filled with white powder.  Powdered sugar, but it looked like the real thing, and I slipped it in when she hugged me without her even realizing it.

I asked, Am I making myself clear?

She just nodded, the look of the damned etched onto her face.  I took the bag, got up, and walked out the door.

Striking fear in the hearts of evildoers -- best part of the job.