October 6th, 2013

Ariel Is Ready For Her Close Up

Now Hear This: The Deed Is Done!

TowerofPimpsMy second interview about Hannah Singer is now online!

The entire episode of Talking Left is now up.  It is three hours long.  My bit starts at about 1:04:51.  Those of you who have only read me will find out I write pretty much the way I talk.

Just last month, I had not done a single interview.  Now, I have done two, a large show in Florida and now a nationally syndicated show and podcast.

The show wants we back on.  The producer, the guy who runs the phones, and Danielle Guilday, the host, all dug me.  So let's hope this brings about more and finally knocks down the walls.

Mr. DJ?  This is a copy of "Play That Funky Music."  You know what to do.

Fluttershy Parties Hard