October 8th, 2013

Worms Ready For Battle

APB: The Train Kept A'Rolling All Night Long!

So, tonight, at 7PM Chicago time, I will be appearing on Real Talk With Lee, and will be talking for about a half hour! To over a quarter of a million listeners!

Also, possibly tonight, if not tonight then definitely tomorrow, at 6PM Chicago time, I will be on Carry On Harry, an international web radio show with over 100K listeners, talking for however long about my Hannah Singer books!

I am suddenly glad I called in sick to work today.
Worms Ready For Battle

Repeat Performance

Spock Win

Real Talk wants me back on when I get the fourth Hannah Singer book done and ready for release.

I'd say the interview went very very well.

Quick, Watson!  Play that funky music!

Twilight Dances Adorkably