October 15th, 2013

Ariel Is Ready For Her Close Up

Now Hear This: The Johnny Kush/Marijuana Happy Hour Interview

Fluttershy Stoned 1I know this is exciting, but chill, dude.  Have a toke on this.

Okay, fun seekers. The newest interview about the Hannah Singer books is online and you can listen to it.  My bit starts after about one hour.

I loved doing this interview.  It's pretty obvious at the start the guy had some doubts about this whole thing.  But as the interview went on, he started getting into it.  He even wants me back when the fourth book comes out, even sooner if possible.  I will warn you, the guy is slightly baked (he openly admits to it), he initially refers to me by my real name and doesn't quite get my pen name right, but he asked excellent questions and was totally cool.  I'm totally glad I did this.

Especially interesting is when the discussion drifted into comic books.  I'm surprised that the self-declared biggest stoner in the country had never heard of Gilbert Shelton, the creator of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.  I turned him on to it, and I just know he's going to love it.

With this interview, I have now talked about the Hannah Singer books to over a half million people.

Let's see...what am I forgetting...oh, yeah!