November 2nd, 2013

Bill Nye

Hello? Is There Anybody In There? Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

To review:

-- Voice actresses from MLP-FiM are talking about how Bronies at panels are shouting rape jokes at them or sexually harassing them during signing sessions.

-- Lauren Faust, the show creator, after disregarding the lunatic fringe all this time, states that the Bronies' behavior is making her "uncomfortable".  Bronies respond by sending her threatening messages.

-- Andy Price, artist of the MLP-FiM comic for IDW, is getting abusive messages because he is refusing to use certain Bronies fanfics as stories in the comic and because he is not refusing to draw Princess Twilight stories.

And now, this.  I'm actually seeing this picture quite a bit now.

Yeah, There's A BIG Difference

Uh, dude?  You have artwork that completely misrepresents the characters and sex pillows of the ponies in their various forms.  I'd say there's a HUGE FUCKING DIFFERENCE between the two.

Think Real Fast

Funny how, every time I clear off some time so I can catch up on my stuff, someone comes up to me with something else to do.

I'm being headhunted to be part of an improv comedy troop.

Nothing yet, still got to meet with the big boss, see if I have to do more than test out (improv classes), check if I mesh with the current crew, and so on.  But they'll have openings soon and I might be a good fit.

Just Smile And Wave