November 3rd, 2013

Reflective Mermaid

Shake It Up, Wake It Up, Turn On The Lights

While mom and dad were in Florida, dad's SUV took some damage.  Insurance covered it, so dad made arrangements for the vehicle to be worked on.  Dad had to get some work done on another of his vehicles that day, though, and they needed someone to help get the SUV to the repair shop.  Usually, they choose my sister, but she's sort of...unavailable at the moment, so they turned to me.  Of course, I said yes.

So I meet my mother there and she gets in my car, The Angry Red Dragon.  As we ride, I'm listening to rock and punk music, and my mom is actually enjoying the music.  And she comments what a good driver I am.  "I get so scared riding with your sister."

Once home, we are there for maybe a minute before mom has an emotional breakdown.  With tears in her eyes, she asks, "Why are you so good while your sister is so evil?"

I told her the only thing I could -- because I want to be good.  You and dad no longer control my sister's and my actions.  I willing to do without if I can't have something for some reason.  My sister isn't, and will cross any lines she has to to get things.  Remember, she was right back to her old ways as soon as she got out of prison last time.

As we talked, mom mentioned her fear that my sister would go right back again.  I told her not only was I expecting it, but I wouldn't be surprised if her husband was somehow involved in this.

"You think so?"

I'd bet serious money.

"...your aunt (the one who works in the law office) says she thinks he's involved, too."

Unlike my dad, mom seems to suspect that my sister is not just some helpless victim that can be helped, and maybe my brother in law can't be blindly trusted, either.  I'm not sure what to tell her, because I wouldn't have put up with this anywhere near as long as they have.

I just know my sister is going to get out and try to fall right back in her events.  And I know she's mad at my brother in law.  Whatever happens is not going to be pretty, and is not going to be small.

God?  Please help my protect my parents.