November 8th, 2013

Pichu Taunt

Abandon Thread!

My mother makes jewelry.  Not like lamp work or anything like that, just string some stuff on a piece of cord, attach a couple of clasps, and you're done.

She actually tells me it's more difficult than computer programming.

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She has made more, and brought it to show me.  Three necklaces, each with a small purple ceramic heart on it, and that's it.  And she asks the fatal question, "What do you think?  Don't these look nice?"

How many ducks are they going to have to shoot to win those?


How many baskets do they have to make to….

"I made these for my mom, your dad's mom, and one for me.  I don't have any of my own jewelry, I'm always giving it away."

Yeah, I would, too.

I'm guessing the discussion is over at the moment.

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