November 16th, 2013

Enchanting Mermaid

Draw, Pardner!


So, IDW makes blank sketch covers of a lot of its comics, including My Little Pony.

The problem is the print run.  They only make 500 of each.  Because bronies will spend their money on just about anything, this creates an artificially inflated price.  They typically go for $40 each.  I have been resistant to buy any of these because I'm fully aware that I'm being used.  But if the price comes down enough, I would go after some.  (I have a blank of #8 from SDCC.  It cost me $10.  Already know what I'm going to get sketched on it.)

Among the ones I've been watching out for is the Twilight Sparkle solo issue, as she is my favorite character.  I found one guy with five of them, $100 for the whole set.  $20 each, that's not bad.  But I didn't have the cash until I got paid Friday.

Friday, I get home, and check the price.


Fuckin' pounced.  Five Twilight Sparkle blank covers, in the bank.

So now I have these coming.  Obviously, as I am an MLP artist myself, I'm going to draw on one.  But that leaves me with four.  With convention season less than half a year away, what am I going to do?

Well, I've already decided I'm going to try to get sketches on two of them, and maybe hold the last two in reserve.  Including the #8 I mentioned above, here's what I'm after:

1) Twilight #1 with a cover sketch by Art Baltazar, whatever he can think of.

2) Twilight #1 with a cover sketch by Hillary Barta, whatever he can think of.

3) MLP #8, with a sketch of Sailor Venus, Mercury, and Mars.  (Pony versions of the characters make cameos inside.  Amy Mebberson is a huge Sailor Moon fan.  Her first issue, #5, features pony versions of Jup and Moon on page 2.  The Princess Celestia one shot not only features Pluto, Chibiusa, Neptune, and Saturn, but also you see Moon's wand and Saturn's mirror in Celestia's bedroom.)

Should make very nice additions to my collection.