November 24th, 2013

Worms Ready For Battle

New Year, New Public Appearance, New Interview!

It is official.  I will be one of the creators attending the Spring DanCon 2014 in March.  I'll have comics, of course, and sketch covers of my Doctor Whooves comics for a little extra oomph.

Also, I will be recording an interview for the Dangerously Honest podcast sometime in February to talk about my Hannah Singer books, and it will go public in February or March.  It's a comedy show and I'll be bantering with the hosts in my bit.  I'll let you know as things get closer.

Yeah.  This is how I like to start a morning.

Sine Timore Early Warning System -- When Them Cotton Balls Turn Rotten

In the quest to lose weight and become a Beautiful Person (™), people will try all kinds of things.  Some are weird, like Snooki's infamous cookie diet.

And some are far more dangerous.

There is a spate of videos appearing on YouTube that are spreading like wildfire.  These people claim that eating cotton balls is a good way to lose weight.

Now, I can tell most of you are already staring at your screens at how stupid this idea is.  But for those that are not scientifically inclined, let me explain why this is a bad idea.  The body does not digest cotton, which means, yes, it will fill you up without adding calories.  But it is also fibrous, which means if it can lead to intestinal blockage and require surgery to fix.

Epic Fail

"Well, It's A Poor Country, It's Not Like They Need THAT Much Money"

Kim Kardashian, for those who don't know, has a net worth valued at $40 mil.

This is the same woman who leveraged endorsements and placing so that she turned a $10 mil profit on her wedding.

She was one of a host of celebrities who went to Haiti to provide relief, but only appeared for a few minutes for cameras, spending the rest of her time in her hotel room.

So, Kardashian has started an eBay charity auction for relief for the Philippines hurricane.  Lots of her clothes going up for auction, both legit designers like Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel and stuff from her own Kardashian collection available at finer Sears stores around the country.

Just one little problem….

…only 10% of the money brought in is going to the Philippines.  Kardashian is keeping the rest.

Yes.  90% of the money goes in her pocket, the rest goes to help victims.

Why is this waste of sperm and egg breathing my oxygen?