March 8th, 2014

This Makes Me Moist

Of Me I Sing

I always knew Mariah Carey was a narcissist.  But I never suspected how big of one she was.

Nick Cannon, who is married to Mariah Carey, said in an interview that the two of them have sex while listening to her albums.  He also says, when she's off on tour, he pleasures himself while listening to her music.


Proposed:  the only artist who can listen to their own albums while having sex is Barry White.
Derpy Stamp

Letters From Our Readers: Satire Is Where You Least Expect It

So, yesterday, I goofed on how a trio of porn channels in Canada might be denied broadcast licenses because they don't have enough Canadian content.

Apparently, this problem goes back further than I realized.

One of the fine, upstanding readers of my blog sent me this link, Rick Moranis explaining the origin of the Mackenzie Brothers.  Apparently, it was in response to the very thing I mentioned yesterday.  Enjoy.