March 19th, 2014


Resolved: Go Fuck Yourself

I'll write up the Illinois primaries this weekend.  Until then --

Susanne Atanus, a woman who believes God controls the weather and that tornadoes, dementia, and autism are punishments for gay rights and abortion rights, won the R primary by 54% to challenge Rep. Jan Schakowsky for the Chicago-based 9th District.

Illinois Republican Party chair Jack Dorgan and Chicago Republican Party chair Adam Robinson have both condemned Atanus' statements and are distancing the party from her.

And somewhere, the D's that got hammered for nominating a pair of LaRouchees are laughing their asses off.

Update -- Someone Hasselled The Hoff

For those who came in late:  it was a month or two ago that I was given the David Hasselhoff Challenge.  Hasselhoff was scheduled to be at Wizard World Chicago.  Some back and forth on the coder channel resulted in them urging me to make a Knight Rider video game for the Atari 2600 and attempt to get him to sign it.  I said I would think about it, but would only accept the challenge if William Daniels, the voice of KITT, would be there.

Cut to today.  I have just learned that Hasselhoff will NOT be appearing at WWC, he canceled due to filming (at least, that's the public explanation, I've heard a whisper from a very trusted source that it's something else, but I'm not at liberty to say).

So I am officially declining the David Hasselhoff Challenge.  Anyone else wants to try?  Go nuts.