April 10th, 2014

Peter G

APB -- The Sites Exposed By Heartbleed

Keep in mind, for those of you ready to change your passwords, that you have to wait until AFTER the exploit is fixed to do so.

But, if you want to see what kind of trouble you need to prepare for, here's a list of sites and whether they are infected or not (I note with interest that Bittorrent and Android Police are infected while Pirate Bay is not.  Also note that LiveJournal is clear).
Just One More Thing

APB -- Look Before You Leap

Some of you may be wondering how to tell if a site that isn't on that master list is infected or not.

Open Source to the rescue.

Here's a website that will do a scan for you.  Type the URL into the bar.  It does a hacking attempt to steal memory from the site.  If it succeeds, that's how Heartbleed works, and it tells you.  (Supposedly Chrome has an extension that will automatically check, but Chrome has bigger flaws to worry about, so I don't recommend it.)

Who's Your Daddy?

95% of politicians give the other 5% a bad name.

The latest example of this is one Alvin Holmes.  Holmes is a state rep in Ala-fuckin'-bama, specifically from Montgomery.  And his big mouth has landed him in hot water.

You have to keep in mind that Alabama is struggling with itself.  There are areas where the Old South rules, where people are poor, where the Century Of The Pacific rules, where every student in the Birmingham school district is provided with a netbook computer for homework and research.  No one is quite sure what to make of themselves or others.

Holmes was part of a debate going through the Alabama House that would have banned abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  The bill was introduced by Mary Sue McClurkin, an R from Indian Springs.  Floor debates are about showmanship, and McClurkin compared her bill to Brown vs. The Board Of Education.  That's pretty tall.  Can anyone top that?

Sure!  Holmes stepped up and said, "99% of all of the white people in here are going to raise their hand that they are against abortion.  On the other hand 99% of the whites who are sitting in here now, if their daughter got pregnant by a black man, they are going to make their daughter have an abortion."

...uh...yeah...that's...uh...that's something, all right....

But wait, there's more!  He wasn't done rambling, he also said, "I will bring you $100,000 cash tomorrow if you show me a whole bunch of whites that adopted blacks in Alabama.  I will go down there and mortgage my house and get it cash in $20 bills and bring it to you in a little briefcase."

Pay up, sucker.

A Facebook page started called Faces Of Families In Alabama.  Started by Beverly Owings and April Hadden, the criteria was simple -- you had to be a white family that adopted black kids, and you had to have done it in the state of Alabama.  They started it on April 2, and as of now has more than 4,000 likes.  "Rep. Holmes' statements were very offensive.  He implied transracial adoptions do not happen in Alabama, which is far from the truth.  It's important to publicly counteract his statements with the truth.  If not, it could cause children of transracial families to feel inferior, and cause some families considering transracial adoptions to change their minds."

The founders and a bunch of their supporters held a press conference outside the Alabama capitol Wednesday.  Holmes stayed away and offered no comment to the media.

That's the problem with shooting your mouth off -- it leaves you with no way to respond.

Crossing The Line

One of the big indie comics of the last several years is Invincible, by Robert Kirkman through his Skybound Studios and published through Image.

A lot of people recommend Invincible because of its classic comics vibe and all-ages feel.  "It's perfect for young readers!"

...uh, yeah...about that....

Invincible #110 just hit the stands.  During a fight scene between Invincible and female Viltrumite, Invincible is raped.  Not hinted at, it is very graphically depicted (only the pink parts are obscured) and is played as a horribly violent power trip and not sexy at all.

I bring this up because of 1) trigger warnings and 2) anyone who tells you that Invincible is suitable for all ages?

Don't believe it.