August 27th, 2014

Just One More Thing

Money Money Money Must Be Funny

I wonder if the reason so many people were funneled to the autograph area at Wizard World Chicago is because they are expanding to 25 shows next year and they need more money for turfers.

Joking.  I'm joking.


Stop looking at me like that.
Tower Of Pimps

FAILboat To Debut At Classic Gaming Expo 2014!

It's official -- FAILboat will be available for sale at the Classic Gaming Expo on September 12-14, held in Las Vegas, Nevada!

No, I can't go.  But, the carts are signed by me.

Only 30 copies available.  Any leftovers will also be available on the Good Deal Games' Homebrew Heaven page when the con is over.

And you better believe I'll be watching eBay, you fuckers.