September 15th, 2015

Kermit And Piggy

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Bea?

Us longtime Deadpool fans are aware that, sexually, he's wired up a bit different.  While he is ostensibly straight, he has demonstrated a touch of the bi.  We know for a fact that he is a transvestite, and sometimes wears pastel yellow panties under his costume.  But the best known thing about his sexual interests is his massive crush on Bea Arthur, star of Maude and The Golden Girls.

With it still a while before the Deadpool movie is released, a lot of us were looking forward to more highly inappropriate Tweets from the cast and crew of the flick.  Yesterday was the 30th anniversary of the premiere of The Golden Girls.  The official Deadpool movie feed gave us, "30 years of The Golden Girls showering us with fun."  Yup, turning a beloved sitcom into a joke about sexual deviancy.  GG.

That, good though it was, was nothing compared to the picture and message on Ryan Reynolds' feed.  "Happy anniversary, girls!  # escalation"

Notice Wade ain't sharing Bea with ANYBODY.

A lot of people were worried that the Deadpool movie was just a cash in and that they didn't know how to do justice to the character.

I think this proves we're in good hands.


Oh, Yeah! I Forgot About That!

In the crush of other things that I'm working on, I completely forgot about something -- Operation:  Oh Shit!  For those that don't remember, that was me making a Deadpool fan game for the Atari 2600 to get signed by various people at conventions, figuring that they'd be turning up because of the movie.  Both C2E2 and Wizard World Chicago had nobody.  No Rob Liefeld, no Fabian Nicieza, no nothing.  Besides, if I'm in a pinch, I'll just get my 360 version of Deadpool signed.

C2E2 is starting to populate its guest list, and one of the names is Rob Liefeld, who has been sharing my Bleeding Cool convention reports on his Twitter feed.

This could be interesting.
Thor Likes It

Cooler! Ten Days!

I haven't been much on Star Wars or the fandom in years (although recent events have me considering rejoining the fun), but I can still appreciate something that makes Star Wars geeks wet themselves, usually with a, "Shit!  Why didn't I think of that?!?"

Stores are in heated competitions to get you to buy their games from them.  Some go for exclusive digital download content, the standard route.  But Walmart has stepped it up.  I mean, I don't even have a current gen system, and I still am tempted to buy the game for this.

The game is Star Wars:  Battlefront.  Walmart's Collector's Edition is $130, and you get a game and the minifridge you see pictured below.

Now, there is just one little problem that keeps this from making me throw my money at the store.  That front image of Han Solo?  That's just an image.  It's a sticker -- a well done one, but it would just be so much cooler if the front was actually shaped that way instead of just showing a picture.

But want to make geek stuff?  THAT'S how you do it.