July 29th, 2016

Epic Fail

Who You Gonna Call?

This weekend marks the third frame for Ghostbusters 2016.  Conventional wisdom is that most movie have made most of their money in a territory by the third weekend.

So how are things looking for GB16?

Not good.  Not good in the least.

Estimated budget of $144 mil.  Estimated advertising and print costs of $100 mil.  Those are the lowest end figures that exist, although it is likely much higher.  Remember I said I would be surprised if the movie made $100 mil, that it was possible but an extremely tall order?  As of yesterday, GB16's domestic box office haul stood at just a hair above $92 mil.  Now, the opening weekend was soft but solid, and the second week drop was only in the 50% range, which is more than respectable for any movie, let alone one that has been at the center of so much bullshit.  But still, a franchise kickstarter hasn't even crossed $100 mil yet.

Things are even worse when you factor in the global haul.  The total gross for Ghostbusters 2016, including foreign markets, is $128.3 mil.  Going into its third weekend, the movie hasn't made back its budget yet.  And according to Paul Feig, it has to hit at least $500 mil worldwide in order for all these great spin-offs and sequels and shit to start appearing.

Pool's closed.
Thor Likes It


As everyone knows, Illinois is facing a budget shortfall.  The gov and the state leg are locked in a stupid dick measuring contest, keeping funds from a lot of government agencies in this state.  So where to find money without increasing taxes, especially during an election year?

How about pot?

Today, Gov. Bruce Rauner signed into law a bill that has decriminalized small amounts of weed.  If you are caught with 10 grams or less, you don't get arrested, you simply get fined a ticket up to $200.  This makes Illinois the 17th state to enact such legislation.

The key to the debate was what constituted a "harmless" amount of weed.  10 grams was seen as an acceptable limit, the equivalent of a BAL.  The bill passed with bipartisan support, probably after seeing how things went in Cook County -- a few years ago, they also decriminalized small amounts of pot, and it's been very good for their budget.

Let taht be a lesson to you -- if you can't have faith in people to do what is right, have faith in their greed.

Wondering Woman

SJW's on the Internet are upset that Wonder Woman is being played in the movies by an Israeli.

Is there ANYTHING people won't bitch about?!?