October 3rd, 2016

Peter G

Gary Reed, Rest In Peace

I just talked with him at C2E2 this year. He was right there. Hell, he was at the Monroe Comic Con literally just this weekend. Sunday night, he posts a thank you to the show on his Facebook.

Today? He's gone.

Gary Reed was 60 years old, and if he had any problems indicating his time was almost up, no one knew it. Reed is known to us indie comic fans as the man behind Caliber Press. Caliber championed creator rights and creator ownership, but unlike certain other publishers that claim to support such things, Caliber walked the walk. To the point where, as the comic market began the great constriction that has put it firmly back in the superhero ghetto, Caliber couldn't afford to stay in operation. But Reed managed to revive it last year, partnering with other media companies to help increase exposure and opportunities for those who got onboard. I had talked with him at C2E2, and we agreed to stay in touch and maybe something of mine would find a home there.

Time's up, Peter.

Caliber took on people who believed in their art, and the list of graduates from the label is incredible. James O'Barr. Ed Brubaker. Jim Calafiore. Mike Carey. Brian Bendis. Guy Davis. David Mack. Reed is even his own graduate, having created Saint Germaine, Baker Street, and the indie classic Deadworld. I never knew him to not have time to talk to anyone, even a nobody like me.

Rest in peace, Mister Reed. May we continue your legacy.